Thursday, October 1, 2009

When my world is shaking...Heaven stands...

Morning, everyone! Ok, so it's not morning anymore. Scratch that. Happy Thursday! *giggle* Don't know why, but I'm in a seriously silly mood today.

I just wanted to squeeze in these cards for those that haven't seen them on my Events page...these are the cards we will be doing in the Advanced Copic class on Saturday at Crop-Paper-Scissors in Waco. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time! Go for it...I'd love to see you!

This card features Polly her!

Next up is Patricia Birthdaycake...quite possibly one of my favorite images of the Chichiboulie line. She's soooo pretty and delicate!

And finally, Eloise Greengrass. I colored her in a little more non-traditional colors, but while I was looking at her dress, I decided her skirt should be made of leaves.

I gotta run...I have a ton to do before I'm ready to head out of town tomorrow (including my Fall/Halloween themed Bellariffic Friday card!). If you're coming, drop me a note here or in my email, k? Can't wait!


anya said...

Cute cards Shannan! Have fun teaching the class!

Danni said...

Love the cards! Sure wish I lived closer to come to the class!

DeeDee said...

Your coloring is just amazing! I need to take a class from you soon.

Melissa Sauls said...

Oh my goodness, I ADORE these cards!! Can you skip the class in Waco and just do it in Austin?? :)

Inge Groot said...

I love the chichiboulies, like you say they are so delicate and sweet. You've made awesome cards with them!

Have fun teaching!

Hugs,Inge xOx

glitter girl said...

Wow - these cards sure inspire me to pull out my chichi's!

Sorry to hear you're sick! Feel better real soon!

Shirley N said...

gorgeous,gorgeous cards and coloring!

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