Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ch-Ch-Changes...(Turn and face the strain)

So I got brave and did a little messin' with my blog. What do you think? I'm also giving Stamping Top 50 ONE LAST CHANCE. If it screws up again, it's out for good.

While I was cleaning up, I noticed there were some blogs I read that aren't on my blogroll. So if you link here and want me to link you up, send me an email (under my pic on the left) so I can add you to my Who Rocks list. K? Be back soon with some Bella goodies. And I passed 60K hits this weekend, thanks yall! Way to make a girl feel the love. I'll do some candy at 75K, sound good? Stay tuned!


Amy said...

Hey girl! I *love* it! Love your new pic too. Wanna re-do my blog? (big, big smile) There could definitely be chocolate involved. LOL


ScrapNStampinMama said...

Congrats on your new Big hit Shannon!


Tandra said...

CUTE new pic girl!! Love it!!

*hi Amy*!!!

texasjodylynn said...

Very cute pic!

I removed my top 50 blogger thingy! LOL The "bugs" irritated me and I wanted out of the rat race. LMBO! :)

Pam Speidel said...

You are stylin' girl! Terrific new look! I gave up on the Stampin 50 too...after climbing way up it ditched me. Oh well!
I would be totally honored if you would add me to your list of bloggers who rock...if you deem me worthy, of course! LoL :) Smiles, Pam
"Stamping with Serendipity"

Kim said...

Very cute - love your new picture! Kim (stampinscrapnewbie)

Patti Chesky said...

Hey girl! I check out your blog all the time. Feel free to add me if you wish:

Take care,

Donna said...

love your new picture! I'd love i if you linked me (you're linked on my blog because I think YOU rock)


Jan Scholl said...

do yourself a favor and just can the Stamping top 50-most of the people I know are. If you arent in the top 10, no body cares. I went from 231, to 143 to 430 to 218 all in one week. I dont need it. I find most of the good links for blogs in sidebars just as I am searching your side links now. the Stamping top 50 is a fraud-a lot of the listings arent even stamping related. Free Yourself! I did.

Terri said...

I read your blog everyday. I would love it if you would add mine to yours. By the way I love American Idol too. :)

Christina Fischer said...

Your blog looks great! Love the new pic! :)

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