Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am your brother, your best friend forever....

I totally won the Mother of the Year award today. Yall are gonna love this.

So Caleb has been complaining of itchy bumps for the last week and 1/2. He is somewhat of a hypochondriac, so I just ignored him and told him it was a heat rash. Today we're driving to pick up Cole and I ask him about the scab on his neck.
Him: It was a red itchy bump, they all turn into scabs.
Me: Where else do you have these?
Him: On my stomach, my back, my thighs, and under my arms.

(pick up the phone & dial)

Me: Mom? What do chicken pox look like before they scab over?
Mom: Little red bumps.

Yeah. That's the latest at the Teubner Household today. He is now covered in Calamine. Good news is he has less than a dozen spots, and I think this is the worst it's going to get. There are a few "new"ones, so once the long weekend is over we'll see what happens. UGH. I feel like the WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. *frowny face*

I didn't have any time to play, but here's another Twinkle Fairy card I haven't shown you. I really love her with this sentiment from Verve's Filigree Fantasy set.

No matter how many times I tell you, it's never enough...these fairies are sooo much fun to color. If you don't have one yet, now's the time, cause there are some new ones, so check 'em out! You can see the whole line -->HERE<--.

Ok, well I'm off to watch Top Chef before bed. And can I just say how THRILLED I am that David Cook won American Idol?? He rocks. I can't wait to get his album, and "Billy Jean" better be on there!!

Have a Happy Chicken-pox Free Thursday!

Stamps: Twinkle Fairy (Chichiboulie from Stamping Bella), Filigree Fantasy (Verve Visual)
Paper: Barely Banana, Chocolate Chip, Watercolor, Tres Jolie by My Mind's Eye
Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Chocolate Chip Craft
Accessories: Making Memories Slot Punch, Wide Chocolate Grosgrain, Waterbrush & Reinkers, Dimensionals, Stickles


Jessie/knightrone said...

That sucks, but don't feel bad, I told my DH that he was just being a baby for a month before I finally gave in and took him to the doctor. He had 6 ulcers the size of golf balls in his stomach-whoops!! I am totally thrilled that DC won, I have already put all his songs on my ipod, oh ya!!

Jean said...

I think it happens to all Mom's I know it did me. DS kept telling me he was sick and I sent him to school thinking he was playing me and he threw up right as he got on the bus! Oops my bad....

Angela said...

So shouldn't have looked at your blog while watching American Idol (I'm on the west coast) - now I know who won!!!

By the way - I love your cards. I come to your site daily for inspiration.

Elizebeth said...

Oh that stinks! I think most of our kids play sick and it makes it hard to tell when they really are.

Just fill up the bath with calamine and tell him to say:

"Calamine, take me away!"

You know I love your fairy cards. =)

Shona said...

I love those fairies too! I did the same thing with one of my daughters. She had a broken finger! We waited about a week before I finally took her to the Dr! But to my defense, it was the tip under the fingernail, so the finger wasn't deformed or swollen or anything. CRAZY! They couldn't do anything for it - they said her fingernail was the best splint for it and it would heal on it's own. But I still felt horrible!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Sorry about your lil' guy!! :( Hope he's better soon!!! I love your card! It's just darling! Love that striped paper!

Anonymous said...

BUMMER, don't be to hard on yourself. It's hard to catch EVERYTHING with kids. I once missed an ear infection until it started bleeding :( Live and learn, now I take her to the doctor if she coughs...LOL. can download Billie Jean by David Cook on ITunes. I LOVE IT. Sounds great

Cindy Haffner said...

Poor kid, well it happens, they like to make us look bad. Wonderful card, great coloring.

Suzy said...

She is just precious!

Tina said...

Oh my, so sorry about the little guy. Maybe they'll be gone in a few days.
Great card, just perfect.

Christi said...

I am so sorry sweetie. Don't feel bad-it happens to all of us. My aunt called me today and told me she thinks my nephew has pink eye and we were around him last night...great.

This card is adorable and that sentiment is perfect!!

Theresa said...

you always make me laugh!!! so thank you for being so honest, it makes me realize i am not the only one who has stuff like this happen at their house!!!
and as alway, GREAT CARD, thanks for the inspiration!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Oh no! I hope he's feeling better. . .I STILL remember that constant itching and I had chicken pox when I was 8! LOL Poor Caleb! SWEET card!

Deb Neerman said...


Hope he's feeling much better now!

shel9999 said...

This is SO cute!!! And that sentiment could not be more perfect! Sorry to hear about the chicken pox! Awwww...I hope your little guy feels better soon!

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