Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flip your hair and wear your buckle shoes, and all that jazz

When I first got to the hotel and met up with the rest of the girls on Saturday night, they had already been scouting what to see on Sunday. The first thing to see was Beaux Regards ribbon. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but the velvet "grosgrain" ribbon on the top is AMAZING. I can't even describe it. Then moving on to the ruffled sheer stuff...I was just in heaven.

THEN we moved on to one that was on MY list. I've seen their website, but wanted to see their stamps up close....Banana Frog. OMG! They're soooooooooooooo cute! They have great clear alphabet stamps for scrappin (with awesome fonts!) and a really cute paisley set. Banana Frog is a company from the UK, and the ladies were so sweet!

I'm kinda skipping around cause there's something awesome I found, but I want to post it by itself cause it's that good! Will do that tomorrow morning. *wink*

Later on, Jen made this next great find...new Studio G Alphabet sets from Hampton Arts!! I really really tried to get them to give me this one, but no such luck. I loveeeeeeeeeeee it so much. I'm sorry for the blurry pic.

I'll see yall back tomorrow with some more awesome eye candy! Hope you enjoyed this!


Bethany Paull said...

Thanks for sharing your CHA experience. Wish I were there.

okcapitolgirl said...

Oh sure - show me some more stuff I can't live without! LOL I love that ribbon - hope we can get it at some point! Have fun girl! Looking forward to hearing more soon!

Niki said...

Wow! That ribbon looks great! Thanks for the photos. Can't wait to see the next ones!

Christi said...

How awesome!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Carolyn King said...

i am drooling...sounds like you all are having a blast.
Bring me back some stuff....heehee!

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