Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry to be so Mysterious

I wish I could post a pic of the card that I lovingly made 200 of. Boy yall should see my fingers... it's bad. I think I need a parafin wax dip. lol Do they do Glycolic peels on hands??

Tonight I went to deliver the cards at a gallery and art show for my customer, Buck Taylor. He's a celebrity around these parts, and has starred in Gunsmoke and Tombstone (I've shaken the hand that shook Val Kilmer's hand!! WOWEE!!!) and is now in the Cowboy Hall of Fame and is an amazing watercolor artist. Every year he does the prints for the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, and travels to western shows nationwide. Click on his name to see some of his stuff and more info about him if you want. He and his wife are so sweet and I was in awe that I had the opportunity to creat handmade cards with an original Buck Taylor Santa image to be sent to all of his original buyers. Here's a quote from his site to give you an idea as to who these will go to:

"His private commissions can be found in the Loomis Fargo headquarters, DeLucca Liquor headquarters, Franklin Mint, John Wayne Enterprises, the American Quarter Horse Museum, the Texas Ranch and Heritage Museum as well as in the hands of private collectors, including Sam Elliott, James Arness, Roy Clark, Val Kilmer, Roger Staubach, and Powers Boothe."


Needless to say I was totally speechless when approached about this project and I am so lucky to work with these guys. Buck is a true cowboy, which is a dying breed. I am so honored to have met him.

So there's the story behind the mystery of the project. I would love to share, but since the main (and only) image on the card is Buck's original artwork, I didn't feel comfortable sharing that here. I hope yall understand now that I've told you a bit more. And now that I'm done, I can PLAY!!! I'll have a card using Jen's Sketch for you to try tomorrow, so check back!


denise/geekgirl415 said...

THAT IS SOOOOO FREAKIN' COOL!! You are one lucky girl- and the fact that he knows Sam Elliott... oh my werd. :D

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

WOW, is that awesome! YOu go girl!

colleen said...

WOW...that goes beyond cool...that is amazing! congratulations on your job...totally awesome

*Jana* said...

His artwork is amazing! Lucky you!! :)

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