Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ok, I lied.

I'm not really hiding. I have just been super duper busy and haven't had any stamp time other than working on an order for 200 Christmas cards. Whew!

I thought I'd show you how I mount & use my Verve stamps (and other nekkid rubber). Hope it helps ya!

Step 1: Cut your images apart & trim closely.

Step 2: Apply Aleen's Tack it Over & Over to the back of your stamp. The larger the stamp, the more adhesive you need to apply.
**A little goes a long way!!**

Step 3: Brush adhesive to create a thin layer on the back of the stamp using a foam brush.

Step 4: Set stamp aside and brush adhesive onto the back of the rest of the stamps. Allow a few minutes to dry. The glue dries clear, so you will be able to tell when it's dry.

(in the pic you can see that the oval stamp is dry, and the smaller stamps are still wet)

Step 5: Once your stamps are dry, place the stamp on your hand and peel off a couple times to take a bit of the "stickiness" off. This will help keep your stamps from leaving residue on your blocks or storage cases.

Step 6: This is what the stamp looks like after being placed on my hand.

Step 7: Your stamps are now ready to store and use!
I love using Aleen's Tack it Over & Over because it clings so tightly to my block. I can scrub the stamp with my Stamp & Scrub and it won't come off. It's also super cheap! I don't need extra foam cushion with these stamps because they are so deeply etched. If you would like a little extra cushion, place a mouse pad underneath your cardstock or paper.
I will be back tomorrow with something stamped...I PROMISE!!! HUGS!!


Christi said...

Thanks for the tutorial and a small glimpse at one of the new sets coming out this weekend! :)

AJ said...

Oh Shannan~ thanks!! I have never been an unmounted person, (Skeered of it) but this looks totally easy!!!!!
I may venture into the realm of the unknown after all!!! You da bomb girlie!!! :)
You knew this though, didn't ya!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

I bought this stuff, but haven't had the chance to use it yet. Maybe I'll do that today!

Colleen said...

This is EXACTLY the way I use all my stamps! I even peel the foam off of my other "unmounted" sets and just use Aileens....I LOVE it...never have a problem with it falling off or sliding!

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing this, I have been struggling with this.

Sherry Cheever said...

Okay this is really cool and what a wonderful idea! I've got to try this!!

Suzy said...

You are a genius! Thanks for the idea - and re the Q on my blog - yes it counts :)

Nancy Grant said...

Love this idea. I saw it with a different glue and it peeled right off my stamps. I will give the Aileen's a try next time.


Dawn Easton said...

This is a super idea Shannon! thanks for sharing it with us!

Rita said...

Thank you so much for this great tutorial! This was a great help to me as a newbie!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Thanks so much for this,Shannan! I needed it more than you know! Hugs!

dasimonds said...

Thanks for the tutorial..
looks like a great idea...I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
Does this work on the clear stamps too ?


Tex said...

What a great tutorial!
I've always used the sticky foam backing for unmounted rubber .. but this certainly seems easier!


Lindy 39 said...

BLESS YOU!!! What a great idea and cheap too....what could be better....I just came across this by accident and will be running out after work to Michael's across the street to buy the biggest sz Aleene's that they have in stock. Thanks again!

Carla said...

Thanks for this, Shannan. Three of the companies I design for sell their rubber in sheets, and while I haven't been having problems because the stamps are such nice quality, I also haven't decided what method to use. I think this may be the way for me to go!

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