Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am currently experiencing Technical Difficulties...

Well I have good news and bad news.
The good news is that I stamped tonight!! I made 2 whole cards!
The bad news is that I can take pictures of them, but my computer is not recognizing my card reader or my camera. So I can't show you anything!! I toyed with just describing the cards like there actually was a picture, and then decided to wait and upload them later. Sound good?

And tell me this, fellow stampers. Does it mean I'm a "real stamper" now that it's September and I am totally in the mood for making Christmas cards?? LOL


AJ said...

verbal descriptions in place of the real thing...hmmmm~interesting, no! fix your computer girl! ;)

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Bummer! Computers are such a pain when they don't work right! Hope you get it figured out soon!

Susan Liles susiestampalot said...

did you blow on it real hard? (like to undust it?--teehee.)

Denise said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles....boy, can I relate!
p.s. thanks for the nice comments! It's tough starting up a blog....there are sooo many out there.

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