Saturday, July 21, 2007

They like me! They really really like me!

No, I haven't run away. I'm here...just sooo tired and have been working hard! Not on stamping. Boo...
But I have been Rock'ed!! Jen, Julee, and Bethany all think that I ROCK! How cool is that? So now I have to nominate 5 Rockin Girl Bloggers. Go visit them and show them some love!
1. Kendra...I fell in love with her style and she totally inspires me!!
2. Mercy...such talent! I love love love her stuff!
3. AJ...I had the pleasure of being her big DDSS (secret sis). I have found a forever friend, and I love her clean, fresh style.
4. Jody...she loves ribbon, and so do I. What more do I need to say???
5. Christi...I love reading her stories. She's a newbie stamper...encourage her!
So....tonight I watched the Princess Diaries. I just love that movie...
Any Texas PTA mom's here in Austin, come see me! I'm the "Poster Printer" Lady!
I'll be home tomorrow and PROMISE to post something new. MUAH!


Mercy said...


thank you so much for the nomination. i can't believe that someone thinks that i rock! lol! i apprecaite all of the kindness and encouragement you've given me these last months...thank you can't even begin to say how much it has meant.

rock on!

AJ said...

Well, you my most fabulous rockin friend, are so sweet!!! Thanks for the love! You have been a great friend, and an inspiration! you *rock*!! ;)

Colleen Schaan said...

I think you rock too! I have been in and out of blog-land too, so I am catching up on reading and posting. HUGS!

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