Saturday, June 2, 2007

Polka Dot Boots

I got this brilliant idea to "make" a polka dot background using the 3 dots (to be used as peas I think) in the Papertrey Ink Green Thumb set. I lost interest about 1/2 way through and was wishing I'd ordered a polka dot backgrounder from Cornish Heritage Farms!!! Luckily I made it through alive, but just barely. LOL
I never had yellow rain boots when I was a kid (at least not that I remember), but I saw the boot and wanted it to be yellow! Marigold was perfect. It didn't stand out very well so I sketched around the edge and did a little something underneath to make it more defined. I meant to doodle a frame around it, but forgot. I colored a few of the dots in with my Teal and Caribbean markers. Added a few layers of Taken with Teal and Marigold Morning and then a faux scalloped rectangle in Basic Black. These are just 2 scalloped squares layered togther to the right height. Tied it all together with a Kendra Bow and layered everything onto my Papertrey White card base. This is the most awesome paper, I have to tell you. So thick!! Love it! Can you tell I kinda like my stuff from Papertrey? *grin*
Stamps: Papertrey Ink Green Thumb
Ink: Marigold Morning, Palette Hybrid Noir
Cardstock: PT White, Basic Black, Taken with Teal, Marigold Morning, Cool Caribbean
Accessories: Ribbon from Joann's (I think), Pop Dots, Giga Scalloped Square Punch


Kathy said...

This is really cute--great color combo and this sentiment is perfect on the card. fwiw, I'd have pooped out on the dots much sooner then you did :-) I'd probably only have a 2-3 inch strip which would be a center piece under my image instead of the bottom half.

Shadowcatcher said...

Hmmmm.... losing interest half way through a card? Sounds like something I would do. Only I wouldn't finish! LOL. I DID have a pair of yellow rain boots when I was little and LOVED splashing in puddles. The card turned out great, love all the polka dots.

Laura said...

*LOL* I have no idea how you managed to stamp the whole background. I think I might have been able to stamp a ribbon width but not more than that. I am so bad at aligning things.

Vera Matson said...

Wow, I'm impressed with how well you stamped those dots so evenly! Really nice card!

Suzy (Doan) Tyler said...

Pretty pretty pretty! Love your work, Shannan!

BTW...Tagged ya, again! Please see my blog for details.

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